MVSc in Veterinary Science Course

Veterinary Science Eligibility, Career Options After Veterinary Science, Employment Area, Top Recruiting Companies, MVSc Veterinary Science Salary ,etc.
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About Veterinary Science

Veterinary Science is the branch of science that majorly covers the diagnosing, treating, curing and prevention of disease or injury in nonhuman animals or birds. The subject covers the study of physiology, prevention and treatment of both domestic as well wild animals in the broader way.

Course Description:

MVSc is a postgraduate Master degree of 2 years course curriculum divided into 4 semesters. This is the specialized medical branch dedicated to the study of nonhuman animal health. The maximum duration to complete this course is 4 years.

Few of the Universities offer this program through distance learning along with full time and part times course curriculum.

What is Bachelor of Master of Veterinary Science [MVSc]?

This is the only branch which deals with the study of the health-related medical system of nonhuman animals. It helps in diagnosing, treating, curing and preventing the domestic and wild animals from the disease and disorders.

Apart from treatments, these veterinary professionals are trained to perform surgery and provide vaccination to the animals. This branch is also helpful for human for food safety from diseases caused by animals and provides basic medical research upon animals for human safety. This gives an ample scope for research to the candidate through practical training modules.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Only a BVSc. Or AHB graduate from recognized University is eligible to enroll for MVSc.
  • The minimum aggregate of Veterinary graduate should be 55 %.
  • Admission is based on marks obtained in Postgraduate Entrance Examination.

Private Sector Career Options

  • Companion animal veterinarian
  • Equine veterinarians
  • Food animal veterinarians
  • Food safety and inspection veterinarians
  • Research veterinarians

Private Employment Area

  • Aviaries
  • wild life sanctuaries
  • zoological parks
  • Agriculture sector
  • poultry farms
  • veterinary hospitals and clinics

Public Employment Area

  • government animal husbandry departments
  • veterinary hospitals and clinics and Other Government Services

Salary Trends

Master of Veterinary Science [MVSc]Entry Level Salary (LPA)Medium Salary (LPA)Maximum Salary (LPA)
Companion animal veterinarian1.52.66.2
Equine veterinarians2.74.47.1
Food animal veterinarians1.83.88.2
Food safety and inspection veterinarians2.24.89.2
Research veterinarians3.15.28.2
Veterinary Science

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