MDS in Dental Science Course

Dental Science Eligibility, Career Options After Dental Science, Employment Area, Top Recruiting Companies, MDS Dental Science Salary ,etc.
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Dental Science

Dental Science is the branch of medical science deals with the study of disease or disorders related to teeth and gums. It also deals with structure, development, abnormalities, diagnosis prevention, and treatment of disease related to teeth, gums, cells and tissues or mouth.

The word dentistry derived from Odontology from ancient Greek word odious, “tooth. Odontology stands for the study of the structure, development, and abnormalities of the teeth.

Course Description:

Master of Dental Science is a postgraduate degree comprises of three academic years. There is an annual examination system that has been following for completion of this program instead of a semester.

What is Master of Dental Sciences [MDS]?

Dental Council of India is a statuary body that regulates, maintain and monitor the study of Dental Science in India. The course duration is of three years after completion of BDS; however one can get the lateral entry in MDS if he has Post Graduate Diploma in Dental Science from any DCI recognized institute or college. In such condition, the course duration is of two years only.

Apart from Classroom lectures and seminars; Demonstration, Lab techniques, Clinical Case Conference and Joint Clinical Meetings with Allied Specialties are also included in the teaching methodology.

As this is a specialization course it offers specialization in various fields; some of them are Periodontology, Oral Medicine, and Radiology, Conservative Dentistry, and Endodontics etc.

Eligibility Criteria:

One should have completed BDS from a recognized University by DCI. Admission is on the basis of merit list in AICET exam. The age limit is 21 generally. Candidate should not be suffering from any contagious disease. One who holds the post graduate diploma in Dental Science from a DCI recognized University or college.

Private Sector Career Options

  • Dentist/ Dental surgeon
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Academic Lecturer
  • Clinical Research Scientist
  • General Practitioner

Private Employment Area

  • Dental Departments of Hospitals
  • Dental Clinics
  • Academic Institutions
  • Pharmaceutical Research Centres for Oral care products
  • Private Dental Clinics

Public Employment Area

  • Government Hospitals
  • Educational Institues

Top Recruiting Companies

Salary Trends

Master of Dental Sciences [MDS]Entry Level Salary (LPA)Medium Salary (LPA)Maximum Salary (LPA)
Dental surgeon2.17.630
Academic Lecturer2.46.824
Clinical Research Scientist1.8318
General Practitioner2.35.623.2
Dental Science

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