MBA in Travel & Tourism Course

Travel & Tourism Eligibility, Career Options After Travel & Tourism, Employment Area, Top Recruiting Companies, MBA Travel & Tourism Salary
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About MBA in Travel & Tourism Course

MBA with a majority in Travel & Tourism is a post graduate degree course which is offered at the university level. It can be completed in two years when done on a regular basis. One can also pursue this course through distance learning. The duration, in this case, may vary.

MBA in Travel & Tourism is a master’s degree which introduces students with the management skills and techniques that are needed in Travel & Tourism. The course helps students gain knowledge of different places (its culture, religion, and history).

Why MBA in Travel & Tourism?

The course gives students an opportunity to explore different locations in a big way. It focuses on their overall development so that they can greet and meet people with the right attitude and charm. In this way, the course also helps to improve their interpersonal skills.

MBA in Travel & Tourism Eligibility:

1) Private Sector Career options after MBA in Travel & Tourism

  • Travel Agents
  • Hotel Manager
  • Tour Guide
  • Visa Executive
  • Lobby Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Front Office Manager
  • Transport Officer
  • Tour Operation Manager
  • Ticketing Executive

2) Private Sector Employment areas after MBA in Travel & Tourism

  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Clubs
  • Sports Houses
  • Travel Agencies
  • our and Travel Companies

3) Public Sector Employment areas after MBA in Travel & Tourism

  • Ministry of Railways

Top Recruiting Companies

MBA in Travel & Tourism Salary

Master of Business Administration [MBA] (Travel & Tourism)Entry Level Salary (LPA)Medium Salary (LPA)Maximum Salary (LPA)
Reservation Executive1.72.97.7
Travel Agent1.83.29.9
Tour Management Manager2.84.715.1
Cabin Crew25.312.4
General Manager(Travel & Ticketing)2.710.720.2
Travel & Tourism

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