Certificate in Air Hostess Course

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About Certificate in Air Hostess Course

Air Hostess course is designed for girls who wish to enhance their knowledge in the specific areas of aviation industry.

There are so many institutes in India which offers diploma programs, certified courses and degree programs in this field of aviation. The course includes fundamental knowledge of aircraft, management training, hospitality management, navigation skills, catering training and emergency management.

Why Air Hostess Course:

Air Hostess is one of the high profile professions in India where you not only get good pay but also meet new people even celebrities and business tycoons and learn things. You may get to do a lot of sightseeing; visit different places with exciting destinations moreover you will get to see the different cultures of the world.

Duties/ Responsibilities of an Air Hostess (Woman Steward/ Flight attendant):

  1. An Air Hostess has to check the emergency arrangements before take-off and landing of the flight.
  2. She must provide the welfare, safety and comfort to the passengers.
  3. She has to check whether all the facilities are properly adhered to passengers.
  4. She must greet the passengers and help them in making their journey smooth and comfortable.

Required skills to become an Air Hostess:

  1. Pleasing personality
  2. Interactive Nature
  3. Good communication skills
  4. Confident
  5. Team Spirit

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