BVSc in Veterinary Science Course

Veterinary Science Eligibility, Career Options After Veterinary Science, Employment Area, Top Recruiting Companies, BVSc Veterinary Science Salary ,etc
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About Veterinary Science

Veterinary Science is the branch of science that majorly covers the diagnosing, treating, curing and prevention of disease or injury in nonhuman animals or birds. The subject covers the study of physiology, prevention and treatment of both domestic as well wild animals in the broader way.

Course Description:

The duration to complete this course curriculum can vary from four and half year to five years depending upon the period of internship. The internship is mandatory after completion of theoretical and its time period can vary up to six to eight months.

It is a full-Time graduate degree course and cannot be pursued as distance learning.

What is Bachelor of Veterinary Science [BVSc]

The course also refers as Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry. It is an undergraduate degree program of a maximum of five academic years. The first four years are devoted to enhancing the knowledge through theoretical and practical training in various subjects like physiology, six-month nutrition, anatomy, livestock management and production, pathology, pharmacology, genetics and breeding, gynecology, surgery, medicine and animal husbandry extension etc.

After completion of four years, a theoretical currie six-month hands-on internship is mandatory. The first three months of internship is done under the supervision of a senior clinician and in veterinary hospital on rotational basis. One month in livestock production and management at animal farm, fifth month in poultry production and management and then the last sixth month is in livestock product’s technology.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • To enroll in this course one should have passed 10+2 with Biology, Physics and Chemistry as mandatory subjects.
  • Minimum aggregate should be 50 %.
  • Enrollment is on the basis of marks obtained in Entrance Test conducted by the University or college.

Private Sector Career Options 

  • Animal Care and Service Workers
  • Veterinary Sales Representative
  • Veterinary Doctor Veterinary Officer
  • Biological Scientists

Private Employment Area

  • Aviaries
  • wild life sanctuaries
  • zoological parks
  • Agriculture sector
  • poultry farms
  • veterinary hospitals and clinics
  • Animal Food companies Animal Welfare Societies Dairy Research Institutes Veterinary Government Projects Veterinary Hospitals Animal Media and Print Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Animal Research Companies

Public Employment Area

  • government animal husbandry departments
  • veterinary hospitals and clinics

Salary Trends

Bachelor of Veterinary Science [BVSc]Entry Level Salary (LPA)Medium Salary (LPA)Maximum Salary (LPA)
Animal Care and Service Workers3.55.110.2
Veterinary Sales Representative2.24.39.1
Veterinary Doctor57.511.2
Veterinary Officer1.936.4
Veterinary Science

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