B.Tech in Electronics Engineering Course

Electronics Engineering Eligibility, Career Options After Electronics Engineering, Employment Area, Top Recruiting Companies, B.TECH Electronics Engineering Salary
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About B.Tech in Electronics Engineering

Bachelor of Technology or B. Tech as it is commonly referred to is a professional undergraduate engineering degree. It is a four-year long course on the completion of which a B. Tech degree is awarded to the student.
It is perfect for students who aspire to have their career in the field of engineering. The tenure of the course is about four years, which includes eight semesters; two semesters per year.

Purpose of B.Tech in Electronics Engineering

The course structure of B. Tech in Electronic Engineering is designed in such a way that it prepares the candidates:

  • To become technically competent so as to find solutions for complex problems in the field of electronics engineering
  • To Become dynamic enough to be able to cope up with the fast changing technological environment
  • To enable critical thinking, and analyzing power which lets them make worthy decisions with respect to any global issue in ethics, society or business
  • To enable effective communication skills along with integrity and interpersonal skills, this will help them to lead large and diverse teams.

B.Tech in Electronics Engineering Eligibility

The student is eligible for getting admission if he/she has had a minimum of 50% aggregate score in 10+2 along with Physics, Chemistry, and Math as the compulsory subjects. Entrance to the premium institutes such as the IIT’s is through a common entrance exam called JEE or Joint Entrance exam. Other institutions conduct their own separate entrance exams.

How to Apply for B.Tech in Electronics Engineering

To apply for JEE, the candidate needs to visit the website There he/she is required to fill the application form, upload the scanned images, and pay the application fee. The other institutes have their own criteria for their entrance exams, which can be found on their respective sites.

B.Tech in Electronics Engineering Scope (Job Types)

1) Private Sector Career options after B.Tech in Electronics Engineering

  • Electronic Engineer
  • Service Maintenance Engineer
  • Construction Manager
  • Design Engineer
  • Network Planning Engineer
  • Project Manager -Production & Maintenance

2) Private Sector Employment areas after B.Tech in Electronics Engineering

  • Product Development Companies
  • System Management Organizations
  • Product Designing Industries
  • Consumer’s Electronics Sales Organizations
  • Transportation Departments
  • Wireless Communication Organization
  • Product Manufacturing Industries
  • Automotive Industries

3) Public Sector Employment areas after B.Tech in Electronics Engineering

  • Defense and Space Research Organizations
  • Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

Top Recruiting Companies

B.Tech in Electronics Engineering Salary

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Electronics Engineering)Entry Level Salary (LPA)Medium Salary (LPA)Maximum Salary (LPA)
Electrical engineer2.64.76.2
Service Maintenance Engineer2.43.76.2
Quality Engineer4.47.412
Design Engineer3.74.67.87
Project Manager51218
Electronics Engineering

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