B.A in Geography Course

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About B.A in Geography Course

B.A in Geography is a three years undergraduate course pursued by students of the humanities department.  The course includes the study of earth, its resources, its inhabitants, the interaction between humans and the natural resources, the environment, the land, and its features, the distribution of resources, etc. It also studies the complexities and the changes that have occurred on the Earth through these years. Pursuing a degree in Geography is a very good option as there are many career options available for a Geography graduate.


  1. Candidates who have passed their 10+2 exams or equivalent from any recognized board or university can apply for a B.A in Geography.
  2. A minimum of 45- 50% marks in 10+2 are required to seek admission in B.A in Geography. Some reputed Institutes might have a higher percentage criterion.

Course Content

A bachelor’s course in Geography includes a comprehensive study of the following:

  1. Earth and its Origin
  2. Atmosphere
  3. Lithosphere
  4. Hydrosphere
  5. Man-Environment Interaction
  6. Population
  7. Settlements
  8. Economic Activities
  9. Environmental Issues
  10. Regional Geography
  11. Study of Maps
  12. Methods of Representation of Relief
  13. Interpretation of Topographical, Weather and Aerial Maps
  14. Map projections
  15. Quantitative Techniques in Geography
  16. Instrumental Surveying
  17. Field Reports of the selected Geographical Areas
  18. Report Writing

Career Perspectives

B.A degree in Geography would serve as a foundation for pursuing further degrees like M.A, MPhil or Ph.D. A person with a B.A in Geography can also work in the field of Research as a Lab assistant or a Research Associate.  With the help of a B.Ed. or a D.Ed. you can also become a Geography teacher in any Govt. or Private School. Private tuitions of Geography can also be an option. You can work in the Govt. Departments of Weather or Disaster Management as an entry-level employee.  Working as a Map consultant or a Project Assistant is also an available option.

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