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ARPIT Refresher Certificate Course by Govt. (Swayam) Admission, Eligibility, Syllabus

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ARPIT Refresher Certificate Course by Swayam a Govt. Initiatives, know eligibility how to get admission, syllabus and how to get certificate.

ARPIT Refresher Course In Commerce Initiative by MHRD ( Govt of India)

Course Highlights:

Course Status:Upcoming
Course Type:Certificate
Duration:16 weeks
Start Date:01 Sep 2019
End Date:31 Dec 2019
Exam Date:
Category:• Annual Refresher Programme in Teaching (ARPIT)
InstructorBy Dr. C. S. Sharma

Who should opt:

  1. All teachers in Commerce/Management Discipline working in Institutions of Higher Learning (including Temporary/Adhoc/Contract)
  2. Research Scholars


  • Introducing participants to fast emerging areas that require further research
  • Familiarising participants with topics with futuristic strategic significance
  • Introducing Qualitative Research Methods
  • Learning to Manage Changing  Classroom Environment
  • Managing self and Student Communication
  • Learning Case Study Method of Teaching
  • Understanding Financial Modelling through Computer Simulation
  • Appreciating Artificial Intelligence in Commerce and Business


  • Week 1:
    1. Behavioural Finance (Part A)
    2.    Behavioural Finance (Part B)
  • Week 2:
    1.  Spiritual Leadership (Part A)
    2. Spiritual Leadership (Part B)
    3. Revised SA 700 Series: Improving Communicative Value of Audit Reports
  • Week 3:
    1. Managing Classroom Diversity (Part A)
    2. Managing Classroom Diversity (Part B)
  • Week 4:
    1. International Financial Reporting Standards (Part A)
    2. International Financial Reporting Standard (Part B)
      Social Stock Exchange
  • Week 5:
    1. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Part A)
    2. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Part B)
  • Week 6:
    1. Contemporary Issues in Income Tax (Part A)
    2. Contemporary Issues in Income Tax (Part B)    
    3. Tax Planning for Salaried Class
  • Week 7:
    1. Entrepreneurship and University Based Incubators (Part A)
    2. Entrepreneurship and University Based Incubators (Part B)
  • Week 8:
    1. Account Based B2B Marketing
    2. M & A in Second Gilded Age
    3. Limited Liability Partnership
  • Week 9:
    1. Case Study Methods (Part A)
    2. Case Study Methods (Part B)

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